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San Marcos Music Academy

565 North Arizona Avenue

Chandler, AZ 85225

(480) 292-7955


565 North Arizona Avenue

Chandler, AZ 85225

(480) 292-7955



Artha studied under Dorinda Nyland of Alameda, California, for ten years, taught privately for a period, and then taught for nearly 10 years at Brindley’s Music in Chandler, Arizona, before joining the San Marcos Music Academy. She teaches traditionally using a variety of piano methods, such as Alfred, Piano Adventures, and the standard A Dozen A Day, Hanon, and numerous others.

Artha encourages new beginners, both young children and adults, to commit to piano lessons for a minimum of two years. Most of her students continue beyond three years and those that continue after that play quite well at a comfortable 4-5+ level. Many of her teen students have received music scholarships to the colleges and universities they attend.

Artha is a very patient and gentle teacher. However, she maintains a standard of high commitment with her students, where they know they must practice daily in order to learn and advance. Practice time is recorded with a 100-hour goal to receive a composer statuette award. She encourages her students to attend at least one concert of their choice per year, where they can view and hear piano music at its finest.

Artha Jackson

“I am immensely grateful for my piano teacher, Artha Jackson. She taught me as a beginner to early advanced where I developed my confidence through the skills learned. I will be forever grateful.”

Somashree (student)

“It has been an honor being Artha Jackson’s piano student. She motivated me throughout my progress. I never knew I could be so comfortable playing the piano for others. She taught me to go beyond my comfort zone, working through the challenges and accomplishing my goals. Best piano teacher ever!”

Katerina (student)


“Miss Artha's kind and gentle manner in teaching my son works well with his personality and sensitive nature. He loves reaching his practice goal of 100 hours of practice to earn his composer statuettes. He's earned two already and looks forward to his lessons. She keeps him motivated and always comes home with a happy attitude.”

Ginger R. (parent)

Karen Burns

Karen has been teaching music for 15 years. She studied piano as the only piano student chosen to work privately under a Julliard professor while growing up. She continued studying music as much as possible in college. Karen holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications, and has slowly pursued a degree in music performance since moving to Arizona. Karen worked professionally as a dancer, singer, actor in New York and Los Angeles for 10 years.

For her piano instruction, Karen tailors the method of study based on an individual’s learning style, musical preferences and amount of time available to devote to playing the piano. Included in Karen’s classical approach is an emphasis on “playing” the piano versus “practicing” the piano. This philosophy brings about more joy in the learning process and therefore more time is spent actually sitting at the piano. She is most comfortable teaching beginning to intermediate/advanced levels and loves to work with all ages.

Eva Lou

Jui Lan (Eva) Lou graduated from Shih Chien University majoring in Vocal and Piano. Her post-graduate studies were at the Mozart Conservatory in Austria, and the Academy of Vocal Arts in Philadelphia, PA where she earned a masters degree.

Eva has been teaching for many years and is a soloist in recitals and choruses.

“Eva has a gift and love for teaching, passing on her passion for music to her students in a way that motivates them, whether young or old, and tailoring their lessons to meet their needs and goals. Eva has taught vocal and piano lessons for over 20 years to both children and adults. She has worked with many students from widely varying backgrounds and all ages, both in private studio and group studios. She makes bridges between the theoretical and the practical.”

Shirley Dong, PhD.

Shuxiao Zhang

With a full scholarship in piano performance, Shuxiao Zhang studied under Professor Danping Sun at the Xi’an Conservatory of Music, one of the most professional conservatories of music in China,where she earned a Bachelor of Music degree. During this time she was a teacher for two years, helping students at different levels.

In 2019 Shuxiao earned a Master of Music degree from the School of Music in the Herberger Institute at Arizona State University, studying under Dr. Walter Cosand and Dr. Caio Panago.

“Ms. Shuxiao is a kind and patient piano teacher. She teach me how to practice, and never feel bored when I has some questions. For some reasons I move to other cities and couldn't find a great piano teacher, Shuxiao helped me with musical things by FaceTime and I played that piece for my school teachers and did a good job so I got a extra point from my school. I would say thank you to Shuxiao, I feel more confident to play in front of people, and I have more interest to play piano.”

Siwei Chen (student)

“Shuxiao is a good teacher that always with passion and very professional. She always doing preparation before every class, she also helped my son and daughter with a serious attitudes. I can see she sometimes try to create a relax study environment, but when she explains how to play pieces or fix my children’s mistakes, Shuxiao keeps demonstrating and explaining to them until they really get it, and she always review the previous pieces and make sure my children really learn music.”

Xueyan Hu (parent)